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Microsoft Excel for Executive and Personal Assistants

  • 29th April 2020
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To make your time in home office more useful, we are happy to invite you to join an online workshop, “Essential Skills to be Proficient in Excel”, at 1 p.m CET on Tuesday, April 29. The workshop will be led by Melissa Esquibel, a Microsoft Certified Trainer with more than 30 years in business application technology.

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Excel Proficiency Skills for Executive and Personal Assistants. Beyond typing data into a spreadsheet, today’s business professional needs to be able to perform calculations, create meaningful reports and charts, as well as clean-up ugly data problems. In this session, we will cover 10 essential skills to bring your skill level up a notch. In addition, this session is not only for beginners! There are clever tips and tricks for even advanced Excel users.

An Excel workbook will be provided after the session with samples of many of the covered solutions. You will also get a handout containing step by step instructions on how to achieve the results you see. 

Our company has garnered vast experience over the years, creating quality conferences and summits, that provide our participants with innovative ideas. 

In 2020, to keep up with the evolving digital world, we are delighted to present you with a series of Live Events

You will receive a digital Certificate of Attendance after the event!


Who Should Attend 

Executive Support Professionals, including:   

  • Executive Assistants
  • Executive Support
  • Executive Coordinators
  • Business Support
  • Administrative Managers
  • Personal Assistants
  • Faculty Support & Administration
  • Executive Officers
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Executive Secretaries

Certificate of Completion is included!


  • Formulas:

    • Formula Foundations: How formulas work and why they don’t sometimes
    • Writing an IF formula
    • Writing a VLookUp formula 
  • Data cleaning

    • Cleaning up data with Text-to-Columns
    • Cleaning up data with FlashFill
    • Cleaning up data in PowerQuery
  • Table & Charts:

    • Using table style formatting
    • Creating a PivotTable
    • Creating Charts
  • Printing & exporting:

    • Printing tips to create quality reports instead of partial and blank pages
    • Excel workbook will be provided

Melissa Esquibel, US

Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Office Specialist Master President, MPELLC Producer, Sawbuck Seminars

MPELLC / Sawbuck Seminars 

People just want to feel competent and comfortable with their tech. Organisations want staff to be productive and perform at their highest, most optimal level. Melissa Esquibel specialises in transforming those intimidated or confounded by technology into empow­ered users of their technology tools to achieve both sets of goals. As a Microsoft Certi­fied Trainer (MCT) with more than 30 years in business application technology, spanning a wide variety of industries, Melissa has a unique ability to make sense of how your organisation can use technology, how it is uniquely positioned in your industry and what a successful deployment looks like. She has enabled everyone from rocket scientists to real estate brokers to put the “productive” back in office productivity platforms like Microsoft Office and G Suite.

Originally from Chicago, Ill., in the US, she graduated summa cum laude from Strayer University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, majoring in legal studies.

Melissa Esquibel, US

Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Office Specialist Master President, MPELLC Producer, Sawbuck Seminars

MPELLC / Sawbuck Seminars 

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“It was a great event and I enjoyed the presentations and presenters a lot. Many good information for my work.”


Isabelle Rohrmann

Orange Business Germany GMBH

Really enjoyed roundtable discussions sharing best practices, good tips. Thank you. ” 


Rachel Dijkstra

Blizzard Entertainment International

“Great topics that I haven’t seen covered before, excellent organization, you took good care of us. You believe in what you are doing, and you are doing it with passion.”


Athina Anagnostopoulou